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The old watermill


In the center of the domain is a building that was the watermill of Coyolles (a description of the watermill appears in a book by Alexandre Dumas, Le meneur de loup, 1857).

The building has the charm and warmth of the old houses.

You will find all the comfort of a fishing lodge

- A room for you to rest and to restore

- A bar to quench your thirst

- Conveniences

- A corner shop : flies and equipment

- Large fishing nets (loaned on request)

- And exhibitions-sale of Fly Fishing Paintings and Photos. 

Flavors of Yore Table

Welcome to our table !!!

The table of the Domain proposes a lunch composed of traditional regional dishes

Only one menu is available each day

Some examples of dishes proposed 

Saucisson lyonnais pistaché et endives braisées, Jarret de porc aux lentilles, Confit de canard du Périgord, Morteau et sa potée de choux, Tartiflette au bleu d'Auvergne.

The menu is adapted to fit each season. The bread has flavors of yore. The salamis, cheese and wine are selected by us. Homemade desserts are in the spotlight. The large tables give a family and convivial atmosphere that will please the lovers of simple pleasures. 

The menu is proposed at 20 €.

It is absolutely necessary to book it before your arrival..

The Rooms

Relax, fall asleep cradled by the river,
Enjoy the evening light and early morning on the valley,

Listen to the concert of frogs and birds, ...

.....Three rooms are located in the old mill

Room Martin / Room 1-2 persons, 2 beds x 90, storage, shower room and toilet. 

65 € Tarif pour 1 à 2 persons

Room Damsel  /Room1-4 persons, 4 beds x 90, table, storage, Shower room and toilet, free WIFI Access.

70 € for 1 à 2 persons,
+10 € for extra person.


Room Hulotte / Room 1-4 persons, 4 beds x 90, table, storage, Shower room and toilet, kitchen, free WIFI Access.

80 € for 1 à 2 persons,
+10 € for extra person. 


No TV in the rooms. Books and magazines at your disposal.

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