Salmonids Flyfishing

Four lakes are dedicated to salmonids: fario trout, brook trout and rainbow trout. Fishes are introduced very frequently (several times a month). The concentration of macro-invertebrate insects in the lakes provides fish with natural food.

We recommend lightweight equipment, comparable to that used on rivers. A 9-feet 5/6-weight fishing rod is suitable. Fishing is practiced from the shore, simple barbless hooks, fly fishing net only, 2 flies maximum. Flyfishing nets are lent on request. Imitations of fish and salmon eggs are prohibited: streamers, boobies, blobs.

Pike Flyfishing

One lake called "The Ring",  is dedicated to Pike fly fishing. 

The course offers 500m of banks to be prospected for an average depth of 2m.

Prefer a 9-feet 9-weight fishing rod with floating line. 

The fishing is NO KILL, simple hooks with properly crushed barbs

Lures are prohibited. 

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Casting school

The domain is the perfect place to follow CASTING lessons:

Beginners: make an appointment, all you need : have a pair of boots, be fit and nice weather. The equipment (rod, reel, line, and flies) will be rented on site. The introductory session lasts at least 3 hours.

Confirmed: according to your needs (distance, double traction, ....) the duration will be fixed with the instructor. 

Groups:  IIt is possible to organize group class during corporate seminar, customer events, retirement event, for a group of up to 20 people. Quotation on request. 

Fly Shop

At the Lodge, our corner shop offers :

- A selection of fishing tools and instrument for anglers: a wide selection of flies, Varivas tippet, backing, scissors, a wide selection of Loon products.

- An antenna of "La Maison de la Mouche Paris": Scientific Anglers lines, Reels Ross and Lamson Waterworks, Fishing nets, Keeper ready-to-go fishing kits for trout and pike, as well as kits, specifically built for children . 

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Fishing Services

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